SHOOPS ® A pair of heels protection to protect the back of your shoes or sandals against rubbing or damage while driving. It will protect your shoes when you drive or you are a passenger, or in your luggage when travelling.

Colours: Lila, Pink and Green
Dimensions: thickness 0.5 to 1.5 cm
                    height 4 to 14 cm


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Why SHOOPS is useful?

  While driving…

  • Protects the heels from scratches and damage
  • Extend your shoes life period
  • Reduce the risk of having an accident
  • Avoid locking your heels in the car carpet
  • Rest your feet on the floor

  As a passenger…

  • Avoid damage to the car carpet
  • Rest your feet on the floor

  While traveling...

  • Sharp heel tip does not rub your shoes in luggage
  • Protect your clothes and things against scratches from the sharp heel tip

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