Virginie Buhot

I love it and I regret not having them earlier !!! I will be finally able to drive with the foot posed on the floor !!! :) I start promoting if it among my colleagues and friends !!!

Thank you for this great idea! And sending super fast and neat !!

Francoise Aubry

Tip so cool. I bought LARGE and those are my heels that say "thank you". In any case you can order without fear. You can trust this site. 
Thank you

Estelle Hoyau

Your product is great! My heels have new life! Thank you!


I bought two pairs of Shoops heels protection on your site (easy and large) and I wanted to congratulate for your concept. You really found the solution to avoid damaging the heels, car mats and not risking an accident by taking the heel into the carpet while driving!

Ms Rose

This is my first Shoop, gain on a Exhibition in Paris 2016. Really cool. Genial!  

Ms Dolores 

I received the Large pair, they are perfect!
The small cord to manage width is fine.
I will see how they get with time, because they are already marked, that said, that's what scratcher before on my shoe!

Ms. SOMPROU is the lucky winner of the first week, two invitations for the Paris
Fair 2016! Congratulations!

Blog " We do what we like "

I am very pleased with Shoes protection from SHOOPS. Believe me or not, but they are really useful invention that will surely not only protects our shoes from damage, but also us - women gives some sense of security.

Blog Patrycja

For me it is a gadget butI have to admit that useful. Ideal for women who spend most of their time traveling and they care abouttofeel and look good in any situation . This is not a "must have", but when you have your own car, it is worth to have these protectors heels in your purse


I have to admit that we had concerns about the protection, it seemed to us that it will not remain at the heels, But we were wrong, they are designed for that and they are always in place and protect heels against any damage.

Virgine Morin

Cool Cool Coll !!! Super ucefull
Ideal for activ, elegant women  thank youuuuuu :) I will recommend it to all my friends !!!

Allfor Free

Heels protection are undoubtedly bull's-eye, supplement market niche. The product is well designed and executed. Their design is quite universal, certainly will not be offended, even inside a luxury car.

BaBooshka Style

I found such protectors, and I am delighted with them. I'll just add that there are a French company Shoops, there has long been know that women want to have nice shoes.

Isabelle BICHOT - Cessey

To try it and I adopted it ! an indispensable when you're a fan of heels! I have 2 models and I regularly use to protect my shoes.

Astrid BONO - Marseille

Perfect for not damaging the shoes and keeping them a long time.


I tested and I'm happy :) also my friend was very interested and borrowed my pair to try :)

Anne Marie - Bidart

I tested the product.
It is excellent, congratulations, well studied and very good quality.

Sandrine - Paris

Concerning the use of heels protection Shoops, although this is not even a month since I put them regularly, I must say I'm quite satisfied with this product. In fact, when I using them on sharp heel, I do not feel driving discomfort as before, no hooking or heel locking in the mat or the car's pedals, and actually my heels remain smooth, without apparent damage. That's why I recommend these protectors to others drivers rolling in sharp heels regularly

Clémence - Miss Caudrésis 2015

I received my pair! Very useful for all drivers - thank you!

Justyna 26 – Świbie  

Product in 100% meets the manufacturer's promise in regards to protect heels.Comfortable, practical and easy to use. I look forward to a richer range of colors.

Patrycja  27 – Zawadzkie 

Fantastic product! Innovative, practical and perfectly executed. According to the assumption protects shoes from damage, but also prevents slipping out what increases comfort and safety. As a gadget does not stay unnoticed. The best friend of a woman in twenty-first century.

Marie - Paris 

I was conquered by Shoops. I would definitely recommend to all addicted to heels like me, who do not want to worry about the state of their shoes after a driving. The colors are beautiful and the product is high quality. It is very comfortable to wear. A big favorite for a revolutionary idea, I agree!

Myriam - Montlucon 

Your product completely meets my expectations! Very simple to use and above all washable I hope it is also indestructible!

Marie-Pierre - Frontignan

I ordered the protections, + 72H, I received them, I have tried and I have adopted. Shoops shoes is for the shoe like the little black dress is the wardrobe. The indispensable! A slip in the box at the car glove box for easy storage.

Sandra 50 ans - Paris 

This product is really well adapted for protecting our high heels especially for those who like to keep their shoes when driving. We cannot go without our heels even when we are driving

Karine 47 - Paris

Having ruined several pairs of shoes while driving, I am very happy to have finally found a product that will help me take care of it. The heel is well protected, does not interfere with driving and easily keep in the glove box. I love it!
Alina 31 - Lubliniec

At the beginning I was not convinced with the product. But as I started to test and found out that this is irreplaceable. It is extremely easy in usage. I keep them always in the car.
Mireille 40 - Paris

Great idea! Great product! One pair in each car... or directly in my purse if big enough. I don't know how I have done without my SHOOPS for so long.
Jessica 30 - Paris 

I found this as a great idea, I'm finally going to drive in my heels more often! After bought it online, can’t wait to see it in shops
Murielle 38 - Paris

I tested them on a trip Paris - Normandy.
Usually I putting on my shoes at the last minute.
There, I wore shoops all the way and finish not a scratch !!!!